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From now on you can look after the status of techjhola.com here at status.techjhola.com. We announce status.techjhola.com as our new subdomain which will display status update of our blog. Status is powered by GitHub. Currently our blog is hosted powered by blogger. But status is hosted on github here at techjhola.github.io This repository is a github page which is powered by JekYll Theme. We have forwarder the domain to our Techjhola subdomain status.techjhola.com.

Status is kind of experiment with hosting pages on GitHub. Please skip all irrelevant information like the Poole and JekyLL themes, links and test posts. I'll be cleaning all of them and add new updates here.In a long term we are planning to migrate our blog to github :)

We will be displaying status for following topics:

  • Tools

    that we use and plan to use Updates about blogging frameworks we are working and if we plan to shift on any.

  • Service updates

    This will cover network connection service status. We will let know our viewers if we face any network or system issues, maintainence

  • System Changes

We will notify information about domain hosting, blog hosting, IPS, email hosting, SSL certifications, etc.

  • Team Updates

    We are always looking to grow up in numberr as well as in quality of our contents. So we willl be announcing association of new team members via status. Recognizing team members and their contribution is also our priority.

  • Blog Overview

    Updates on what categories of blog we are or will be working.

  • Blog Coverage

    Any coverage, recognition, invitation and participation attended by TechJhola Team will be updated via status

  • Users’ feedback

Any suggestions, comments, feedback(positive or negative), request for new category of blog post provided by blog readers.

Overall we will notify any useful information/ updates which we believe could be useful to our readers under the label status.